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Youth Unemployment – Battling to keep it Front Page


Youth Unemployment – Battling to keep it on the Front Page….When TheEmployable heard that Channel 4’s Battlefront was back this year, we hoped to hear that Youth Unemployed was one of the projects they again championed. Last year the Ready 4 Work campaign worked wonders at highlighting Youth Unemployment.

So imagine our delight, when we heard that their Campaign to Combat Youth Unemployment would be back and all their focus would be on this project, this time around. Practicing what they preach, the Battlefront guys have gone ahead and employed 4 NEETs to head the campaign – we think this is worth celebrating in itself and with a bold ambition to “combat Youth Unemployment” the team are looking to make a real difference.

Keeping a press focus on Youth Unemployment and the NEET generation is not an easy feat, especially when the press love to focus on rebelling teens as opposed to unemployed, but keen to work NEETs.

TheEmployable extends a welcome to Chelsie, Myles, Kealy and Ava to give us a shout anytime they need any help, and if a story is worth telling on their campaign, you will hear it on TheEmployable.  TheEmployable just asks one favour, that the Battlefront team push the politicians and decision makers, to make tangible differences to help combat Youth Unemployment and don’t accept lip service or general all round passing of the buck (it does sadly happen)

We congratulate Chelsie, Myles, Kealy and Ava and wish them luck as they start on this journey. You can support and follow the Battlefront team via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and by putting your name to the Campaign to Combat Youth Unemployment via their Support our Campaign page.

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