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Startup of the Week

Startup of the Week – Camp in my Garden

Startup of the week – Camp in my Garden

Whilst the concept of renting out spare rooms and properties to holidaymakers may be a  common one, renting out a garden certainly hasn’t been. Until now that is! This week’s Startup of the Week is set to change all that.
Camp in my Garden is an online platform where people can advertise their own gardens to be used as temporary camping sites. Billing itself as the world’s first garden camping community, this innovative new portal brings benefits to both campers and those with gardens to rent out.

– As a garden owner, you basically create a profile advertising your garden, what facilities you can offer to potential campers and what your charges are.

– As a camper, you can use the site to search for camp sites based on location, or the facilities that they offer.
Users can also use the site to rate and review places they have stayed, thereby providing useful feedback for the rest of the community.

If you’re a fan of camping and the great outdoors, this website should surely be a must visit. Standard campsites are all well and good, but there can be no denying that staying in one of the gardens on this site would offer a much more unique experience. So then, what are you waiting for? Visit Camp in my Garden and see how you could get involved….

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