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Startup of the Week – Bantr

Startup of the Week – Bantr

If you’re a fan of the so called beautiful game, you’ll no doubt be fully aware that even when the ref has blown the final whistle, the game is far from over. Living rooms and bars up and down the country are filled with fans debating, arguing and re-living every last second of the match. Such is the phenomenon that is football. Love it or hate it, football ignites passions in a way most other sports can only dream of. If you are one of those people who spends every summer yearning for the new season to start, this week’s Startup of the Week is certainly for you.

Bantr is a social network specifically aimed at football fans. The site allows fans all around the world to interact, engage in debate and participate in discussions and polls. So whether you want to debate that seemingly ridiculous referee decision or extol the virtues of a team’s playing formation or strategy, here is where you can do it.

As a game of course football is renowned for the post match debate and discussion that it generates, which is why this particular Startup will surely succeed. Add to that the fact that fans can interact before and during games as well and you can see they’re on to a winner.
Social networks of course always work best when they bring like minded people together and this one therefore is no different.
Currently available as an iPhone app, there are also plans afoot ( sorry ! ) to release an Android version.

We’re still only a few weeks into the new season, so there’s plenty of time left for the football fans among you to get signed up. The puns go on…..

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