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The Most Famous Tech Trial Lawsuits

With the boom of technology, many new lawsuits have created a stir in the world. Recently Applefiled suit against Samsung for patent infringement leading to a judgment of over $1 billion, which will certainly land in appeals court before the judgment is final. One day, this case could be considered one of the most famous, but the one that sticks out the most comes from 2002.

In 2002, Morgan Chu, also known as the Titan of Tech Trials, was lead counsel for City of Hope v. Genentech. Mr. Chu helped to secure a $500 million jury verdict in favor of City of Hope, which was later overturned by the California Supreme Court. However, at the time, the $480 million judgment paid by Genentech to City of Hope represented the largest judgment in California history.

Other Famous Tech Lawsuits

With new technology comes new lawsuits ranging from fighting over high-level employees to patents. Some believe these lawsuits hinder innovation, while the companies involved may have a different opinion. Here are a few other cases considered some of the most famous.

Apple v. Psystar – Apple sued Psystar in 2008 over a Mac clone they were selling and won. The judgment was upheld by the appeals court this year ending the possibility for an alternative choice for the Mac OS.

DOJ (Department of Justice) v. AT&T and T-Mobile – DoJ made sure AT&T and T-Mobile couldn’t merge together, which would have strengthened both brands. This lawsuit caused many to write letters in support of the merger, but it was blocked anyway.

United States v. Microsoft – The case was started in 1998 and finally came to an agreement in June of 2004. The original settlement was not agreed upon by nine states, but after some concessions made by Microsoft an agreement was unanimously approved in the U.S. appeals court.

TiVo v. EchoStar, et al. – Another case Morgan Chu was lead counsel for has reached settlements and judgments of over $1 billion. This suit also included TiVo v. AT&T and TiVo v. Verizon, which both settled for an amount in excess of $200 million plus future royalties.

Immersion v. Sony – Mr. Chu was also the lead counsel for Immersion and won an $82 million verdict. The injection actually ended up leading to a final payment from Sony of over $150 million.

Texas Instruments v. Samsung – As the co-counsel Mr. Chu helped secure a settlement for the plaintiff of over $1 billion.

Many other cases including companies, such as HP, Oracle, Facebook and Twitter have been filed and won. It seems with new technology surfacing every year, patent cases and other types of tech trial lawsuits continue to grow. Some cases don’t ever make the news, but large cases, such as Apple v. Samsung change how technology can be used, which affects the consumer.

This was a guest post for TheEmployable on the impact of Tech Trial Lawsuits


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