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Life Improvement Skills: Become a Freelancer

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Life Improvement Skills: Become a Freelancer (Guest Post) – A guest post from Josh Boyd…

Work is, unless you’re one of the lucky few, a necessary evil in life. Through it you are able to support yourself and hopefully be able to indulge in some of life’s pleasures that you love.

In return, you give up a large chunk of your time and energy to your employer. This may not seem fair to many, but the situation is very unlikely to change any time soon. There are of course other work options out there besides working for someone else. You could instead be your own boss in the form of a freelancer. This may conjure up an image of a stressful existence living hand to mouth, but according to the 2012 Freelance Industry report this might not be the case.

So, your first gripe may be that working as a freelancer means you’re going to be unhappier. You have to deal with everything yourself including your accounts, sourcing work, marketing and everything else that goes with it. That might make you think you’ll be so stressed that you’ll soon run back to the safe haven of normal employment. It turns out this is all wrong. Apparently 90% of freelancers are happier now than when they were working for a company.

Why is that though?

First of all is control. Even if you might have more work than usual the fact you control how and when you do it makes it all a lot more bearable. There’s no more boss shouting at you about your work (which they can sometimes have little to no understanding of) or unreasonable deadlines. Now you make the decisions and that does a lot for a person’s well-being.

Second is that you’ll have more variety in your work. This manifests itself in a couple of ways. Your environment can be as different as you like. Whether you’ve been hired by a business and are working on their premises for a couple of weeks or sitting in your favourite coffee shop, the constant change of your workspace will beat being stuck at the same desk every day. Then there is the actual work you take on. Each job will be a change; new clients, new projects. It’s generally just more exciting to be a freelancer.

Also, despite having to do everything yourself, 46.2% of freelancers reported they had more free time now they were self-employed (with 21.2% saying there was no change). This doesn’t really need much more explanation. More free time means it’s easier for you to get up to the things you really like to do. If that doesn’t make you happier, what will?

Now what about money? All the free time in the world may be completely useless if your recreational activities cost. Well, the report says that 38% of freelancers earn more money than they used to (28.6% had not worked in their sector until they became a freelancer). So there you have it. You’re more likely to end up getting a bigger wage once you switch to freelancing.

What’s stopping you? You could be much happier and richer too. Get planning straight away and get on track to running your own life completely.

This was a Guest Post for the Employable. Joshua Danton Boyd is a copywriter for Crunch accounting. He also contributes music articles to Spindle Magazine and writes his own blog called Don’t Get Born


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