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Startup of the Week – Hubbl

Startup of the Week – Hubbl

If you’re one of the millions who now can’t bear to be apart from your smartphone, chances are you spend quite a bit of time using apps – whether it’s for your social media activities or to play the latest addictive game. The thing is though that finding the best or the newest app to use isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Perhaps you rely on friends’ recommendations, blog reviews or simply spend hours trawling through the App Store or Google Play; whatever the case may be – the whole process of discovering new apps has just got a whole lot easier.

Hubbl is a new app discovery service that is currently available for both iOS and Android and a full website is on the way.
Named after the famous telescope, the service makes use of space and star gazing terminology for its’ features. There is a “Sky View” feature which allows you a user to view app logos against the backdrop of an evening sky, and view them through various lenses – either apps that are popular amongst your friends, amongst other members of the Hubbl community or amongst the wider media.
However what makes Hubbl particularly unique is that it acts as a word of mouth platform and is powered by the collaborative tagging of particular apps and their uses.

Apps are featured based on how actual users tag them – be that #funwithphotos or #newsaggregators. App developers of course will categorise their apps in particular ways and with particular tags; however users may use and view them entirely differently and add their own tags. As a result, the service therefore means that it is increasing the opportunities for apps to be discovered  and that can only be a good thing not only for app users but for startup app developers too.

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