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Startup of the Week – Flubit

All of us would probably admit that we love to get a bargain, especially in these, shall we say ‘less than prosperous’ times. However it’s not that always that easy, especially when shopping online. You may think, you have found a great website, offering you the best deal ever, but have you really? Admittedly there are comparison sites that you can use, however, surprising as it might seem, they don’t always outline the best deals available. That’s where this week’s Startup of the Week comes into its’ own.

Flubit is a new consumer site to help shoppers find the best deals.
Using it could not be easier. Basically, when you wish to buy something, simply add in a link to where you have seen the product you want. Flubit then uses this information and sets about trying to find you a better deal; thereby saving you the hassle and the time. Almost like having your own personal shopper service that has an aim of saving you money. And of course you’re under no obligations to buy, whenever that better offer has been found. What’s not to love about that?

Interested in finding out more? We think this short video will tell you all you need to know!



Obviously there can’t be guaranteed results each and every time; however according to users so far, it has a pretty good track record. Any site which can help us all save money though has to be a good thing, we believe. Go try it.

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