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Startup of the Week – The Borrowers

Let’s face it – in these pretty challenging economic times, most of us would be happy to avail of new and innovative ways to make a little more money. And if we’re able to do some social good at the same time as earning an income, well, it’s a win-win then isn’t it?
Well, thanks to this week’s Startup of the Week, it can be done.

The Borrowers is a new platform which allows people to advertise anything that they own which they would like to rent out for a fee, share for free, exchange for something else or simply give away. Their motto? “ Bringing lenders and borrowers together”.
There are 3 distinct areas on the site which are free to advertise on :
– Garden / Land – this features everything from a vegetable plot to a field for grazing
– Property – everything from an unused shed to a spare room are advertised in this section
– Possessions – as you can imagine, this can feature quite literally anything! That sports equipment which is gathering dust in the cupboard or the ballgown you bought and never wore – it all can be advertised in this category
The 4th section, Skills and Services does require advertisers to pay a fee although since it is aimed at the sole trader or small business who wishes to advertise their trade or service, that is to be expected I guess!

The global focus on recycling is not going to go away and rightly so; therefore initiatives and projects like this which have recycling and sharing at their very core, really ought to be supported.
We like it. A lot!

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