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Make a business out of window cleaning

Starting a window cleaning business can be an attractive prospect, especially as it’s a service that doesn’t seem to be out of demand and the start-up costs are relatively low.

What steps should I take?

Before you do anything, ensure you research the market. Identify the areas where window cleaning is high in demand and discover if a service is already being provided. If you find a gap in the market you could potentially be sitting on a gold mine.
You will also need to find out what your options are. Is it worth setting up alone or are there any franchise opportunities? Franchising is a great opportunity to buy into an existing and established brand and successful business model. It can also provide you with the help required to discover new leads and market your services. The only downside is that a higher up-front investment might be required. If you decide that a franchise is the best option for you, do your research. The level of investment required and the packages available can differ significantly from franchise to franchise.

What is required of me?

Skills and personality: It is important to be self-motivated and have good communication skills. You’ll need to be a people person to gain new clients and maintain good attention to detail to ensure that your clients stay loyal. Although there have been advances in cleaning equipment, it is still hard work, especially in the colder months. You will need to be relatively fit to be able to conduct your business to a consistently good standard.

Health & Safety and Training: Training plays an imperative role in gaining a client base. The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and the Federation of Window Cleaners provide various courses that will help you in acquiring the qualifications you’ll need. If you will be operating in Scotland you will also need a window-cleaning license from your local council.

Equipment: The advances in cleaning equipment have made window cleaning  less dangerous and hazardous. You won’t need to use a step ladder, for instance, to reach high windows. Shop around for the best deals and make sure that you acquire all the essentials at a competitive price that won’t dip too much into your start-up costs.


Start-up costs: Branding and marketing will be one of the biggest costs. At a minimum you will need to develop a company logo, print and distribute promotional materials, such as flyers, and advertise your services in the local press. You may also find that developing a website will create new leads and you will be able to open your services to businesses and domestic consumers that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise reach.

Insurance: It is important that you have insurance against accidents and theft, and that you also acquire the correct insurance for your business. Insurance for window cleaners can be on the expensive side. However, if you buy insurance through a specialist insurance broker and maintain a clean Health and Safety record you could see your premiums fall.

Training: As these training courses are essential they can come with a heavy price tag. It is extremely important not only for your business, but also for your safety that you acquire all the necessary training and qualifications.

Other costs will include the leasing of a vehicle, the equipment and fuel.

There are many reasons why setting up a window cleaning business is an attractive proposition. Start-up costs are relatively low, the return of investment can be high and there will always be a demand for the service. Many businesses require regular window cleaning, along with some residential properties. Be sure to do your research into the market and the areas where you intend to set up, you never know you could be sitting on a gold mine.

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