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Celebrate Employees for Better Results

It can be said that good employees make for a good company. If this is true, then can it not also be true that a good company can make a good employee? Through encouragement and praise companies can create a workplace that is both enjoyable and productive. There are a lot of different ways that employers can support the well being and happiness of employees, no matter the number.

The easiest way to celebrate employees is to celebrate special days. This can include any number of anniversaries: employee or employer birthdays, date of company establishment, or even date of hire. Celebrating these days does not mean that the office has to be shut down or work has to stop. Anniversaries can be marked by a simple cake in the break room or catered lunch. Even just a recognition that it is not any other day can create a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

Providing lunch for employees doesn’t have to be the mark of an anniversary, it can be used as an incentive. Setting office goals can bring about a sense of camaraderie when working toward a common goal causing employees to work together rather than independently or against one another. Setting a bar for company sales or something of the like in order to get employee lunch catered will promote employees to work harder and faster than usual.

Celebrating employees separately can also work to make individuals feel needed and important. Setting up a type of reward system can motivate employees to reach company goals. Rewards for individuals can be anything from an extra break during the workday or special privileges. Not only work goals have to initiate awards. An individual acting in a certain way or providing help to other employees could give cause for service awards around the office creating a generally nicer work environment.

Generally, it is always good practice to give positive feedback to your employees. When they know that they are doing a good job and it is being noticed, they will continue to strive for that praise. This does take some effort on the part of the employer to keep a watchful eye on employee work and status. In doing so, this will also help forge employer-employee relationships. Just remember, praise does better than punishment.

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