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5 ways to get a job in 2013

With the tinsel and the turkey (or perhaps nut roast) now a fond but distant memory, most of us are of course deciding upon our New Year’s Resolutions. Many of us may start with the best intentions yet get carried away and end up falling at the first hurdle. Of course, if getting a new job happens to be one of your New Year’s Resolutions, that really can’t be an option. To make sure this is one resolution that you keep, here are 5 Ways to get a job in 2013.

Get organised
Just as you wouldn’t embark on a healthy eating regime without getting rid of all the junk food in your cupboard and replacing it with healthier wholesome alternatives, the same applies for getting a job. It is essential to prepare – to get your house in order, as it were. Have a good look at your CV and see how you can improve it. Why not get a friend to review and critique it for you. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can see things that you may never be able to. The aim of your CV is to get you to that next stage in the job hunting process – the interview. Make sure that your CV is giving you the best chance of doing just that.

Use Social Media
The part that Social Media can play in your job search cannot be underestimated. If you’re not already a member of LinkedIn, why not join – for many it is deemed to be the professional social network and it can certainly help, especially if you make connections that could lead to job opportunities. Also, don’t rule out Twitter. Recruiters and employers both use the service to advertise and promote vacancies. Do a search for particular hashtags, such as #needajob, #jobfairy, #hiring to name but a few, to see what opportunities come up. Also, if you are not currently working, you could perhaps add the fact that you are jobseeking to your Twitter bio – who knows who could read it and what job opportunities they may alert you to.

Network Network Network
This year, make it your aim to network more effectively – both online and offline. Social networking has a major part to play these days for all job-seekers but so too does traditional face to face networking. Check out what events and meetups are happening nearby to where you live which would provide you with an opportunity to meet potential employers. Real life networking events can open doors and allow you to make worthwhile connections that can have a really positive impact on your job search.

Explore all options
It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut when job searching, especially if you’ve been doing so for a while. Try not to restrict yourself by only looking for a job in the same old places. Have a look at other job boards that you may not have used before; sign up for some of the meta-search engines like Indeed and start looking again at newspaper ads. Also, why not make a concerted effort at making some speculative job applications and market yourself to prospective employers in the year ahead.

Become more Employable
To give yourself the best chance at getting a job in 2013, you need to ensure that you are employable – that your skills are of value and interest to a prospective employer and that you are committed to developing those skills on an ongoing basis. Whether you undertake a course to improve your I.T. skills or you start doing some voluntary work to improve the calibre of your work experience, make improving your employability a priority this year.

We hope these tips will go some way to helping you get a job in 2013, should that be one of your New Year’s resolutions. Best of luck!


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