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Top Tips for searching for a Job Online

For some of us, using the internet comes as second nature. However for others, whilst we may be a little more internet onlinejobssavvy than we used to be, the thought of searching for a job online can seem a scary and rather daunting prospect, especially if you don’t really know where to look. And when you do find the job sites, what next? With this in mind here are our top tips for making sure that your online job search is as successful as can be…

Choose Your Job Sites
If you are looking for any type of job or are more concerned about the location of the job you might well be advised to simply type in “Job Search” + “Where you Live”. Realistically this will be likely to bring up the online job sites that advertise available positions close to where you live. However if you are looking for a particular type of role, or a specialist position, be more specific when you do you an initial search online. Some job sites will be more generic in advertising all types of roles whilst others may specialise in a certain market sector or specialism.  Choose wisely and base your search on how well you feel the job site matches your own criteria and requirements.

Save Yourself Time
Once you have selected the online job site or job sites that you feel best match your career requirements, then make sure that you take the time to fill in all the personal details that they require. Often job seekers will skip past these sections in eagerness to get straight to the jobs’ section. However the more detail you record online, the more likely you will be to be found in a job search if the job site allows recruiters to search through the CVs of all candidates on the site.

Also, nearly all online job sites will have an email alert function that you can sign up to. This will allow you to be notified if certain jobs come up that match your own particular requirements. Make sure that you take advantage of this function as it will save you time and a lot of effort.

Don’t Just Apply, Apply, Applyonline job search
This is the cardinal job seeking sin! Some job seekers think that by applying for job, after job, after job, there must be more chance that they are selected for an interview. However this is completely the wrong approach and gives the impression that you really don’t know what type of job you are looking for in the first place. That coupled with the fact that you are applying for jobs that you do not have any experience for is hardly going to help your job search success. Be precise and realistic when applying for roles and be honest with yourself and apply only when you truly feel that you match the job requirements advertised.

Be Careful With The Detail
When you apply for a job (and this is the same approach both off- and online), understand that the detail you include in your covering letter and CV will ultimately be the information that gets you shortlisted – or not, as the case may be! Therefore, be careful in terms of your spelling and grammar and also make sure that your CV and cover letter are as relevant and specific to the job and its requirements as possible. Similarly, make sure that you evaluate and tailor your cover letter and CV for every job that you apply for. After all, if your cover letter states that you want to be a ‘Sales Executive’ yet the job that you are applying for is for an ‘Administrator’, you are doing yourself and your job application no favors whatsoever!

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