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How to Become a Call Centre Manager

When you consider how Call Centres or Contact Centres are big business in the UK and Ireland, we thought it was Call Centre Managerperhaps time that we took a look at call centre careers, but more specifically how to become a call centre manager. Stereotype and reputation aside, a definitive career and quick career progression is available within the contact centre and service industry so perhaps you ought to hold fire before you completely poo-poo a career in this sector. Check out our pointers below on How to Become a Call Centre Manager then make up your mind…

Qualifications (UK)

A degree or HND won’t diminish your chances of becoming a Call Centre Manager. If you have a degree in Business / Management / Finance etc you can see how this type of education may help you be more employable, however the reality is that a degree is not an essential requirement. It may simply just help your application when you are at the right level to be considered for a Call Centre Management role.

You are very likely to be offered specific in house or industry specific training and courses as you work your way up the ladder (so to speak), and these qualifications may well be just as valuable as a specific degree or education background.

Experiencecall centre manager

It is unlikely that you will be considered for a role as a Call Centre Manager without having first gained practical work experience in the industry at a lower level. This does not necessarily mean working right from the bottom end up, as you may be able to enter the profession at a Team Leader level, where people management and previous customer service experience can be really beneficial and welcomed.

However, and this is the thing; in an industry with a notoriously high turnover of staff, those who stick at it and stay within the profession can find that solid career progression can happen. Those that remain dedicated, committed and loyal do tend to progress through the ranks. That doesn’t mean that everyone can become a Call Centre Manager, however a real commitment to that type of career,  irrespective of what level you start at can lead to real career longevity and progression. Just as with any career, don’t be dismissive of having to start at the bottom, as you can find that quick progression can be available to those who stick at it.

Type of Person

  • Patience – obviously both customers and clients can stretch your patience at times – therefore the ability to remain calm, patient and pragmatic will serve you well!

  • Ability to manage people, processes and systems – At Call Centre Management level – you will need to be able to manage people well and also be able to communicate effectively with people on different levels.

  • Handling pressure and performance targets – At this level the outsourced contracts that you manage with clients will be based upon performance, service delivery and financial success, therefore the ability to handle pressure is definitely needed.

  • Good Customer Service ability – speaks for itself really doesn’t it!

How to become a Call Centre Manager

If all of the above has kept you interested, then happy days, perhaps a career that leads you to becoming a Call Centre Manager is for you. In reality if you start at a call centre operative level, do expect it to take at least 10 years and quick career progression for you to qualify in terms of experience and skills for you to successfully apply. That said, even if you don’t become a Call Centre Manager, there are many opportunities to find promotion and in differing career directions within this service sector industry.

Fancy a career as a Call Centre Manager ? Good luck!! We hope these basic tips help you along the way…

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