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Why Recruiters Don’t Call You

When you’re looking for a job, one of the most frustrating aspects can be when you apply for a post and then never hear back Why Recruiters Don't Call Youfrom the employer or recruiter.

Recruitment agencies in particular often get criticised for failing to respond to candidates. It’s not good practice and even the busiest of recruiters should try and find the time to let you know that you’ve been unsuccessful. Why don’t they call? Well, generally we’re told that they simply can’t reply to every candidate, that they have excessive numbers of applications to go through and that if they were to reply to each and every one, they would not be doing their other job duties. Here at The Employable we know that there’s often a little more to it than that so we thought we’d let you all into a few secrets – Why Recruiters Don’t Call You.

Criteria matters
In essence, a recruiter’s role is to source a candidate on behalf of an employer and if they are successful in finding that candidate, they will receive a fee for so doing. The more candidates they find, the more fees they receive and in turn the more bonus they earn. It’s therefore in a recruiter’s interests to find the best candidate – the one that the employer will hire. When they advertise the vacancy they will stipulate all the criteria that the employer is looking for. This isn’t something that they can deviate from. Therefore it’s absolutely essential that you meet that criteria if you are going to be considered a viable candidate for the job in question. If a recruiter’s ad stipulates that you must have 5 years’ supervisory experience for a particular post and you have never had any supervisory or managerial experience, then you should not really be surprised that you would not be considered for the job. The lesson then is to apply for the jobs that match your skills and experience. That way, you greatly increase your chances of being considered as a suitable candidate.

blogaholicYou apply for everything
In such a challenging jobs market it is very easy to lose sight of what you really want to do and apply for every job that you see, not just the jobs that you are either interested in or are suitable for. Needs must after all and circumstances can dictate that a certain sense of desperation can set in, particularly if you have been job-seeking for a while. If a recruiter receives your CV for a diverse range of jobs, and with each application you claim to be interested in a different type of job and career, chances are they won’t believe you. A recruiter will not put a candidate forward for a job if they apply for a diverse range and variety of roles. They cannot recommend you to an employer if your career aspirations are all over the place as it were. Although they may appreciate that you simply just want a job and may empathise with you on that, they will fundamentally only be happy to submit your details to an employer if you seem to be a candidate who is committed to one particular area or sector. Harsh but true!

You have a reputation
A pretty bold statement perhaps but one which can really have an impact on whether or not a recruiter calls you. If you apply for a job with a recruitment agency and they schedule an appointment where you have a one on one meeting with a consultant and then you don’t attend that meeting, it will be noted. Likewise if a recruiter schedules an interview for you and you fail to show, that gets noted too. There is not necessarily a big black book where these things are recorded; however recruiters do remember them. By failing to attend previous appointments you have actually given a recruiter a pretty poor impression of what you are all about. Some recruiters may give you a second chance, but many won’t. They need to feel confident that the candidates they are dealing with will not let them down in front of an employer. If they can’t feel that way about you, then they simply won’t call.

Poor attitudesWhy Recruiters Don't Call You
It’s important to remember that within a recruitment agency, the staff talk. Views and opinions are exchanged on candidates, jobs and of course employers! If for example you drop your CV off to a high street recruitment agency and are nasty, abusive or quite frankly rude to whoever you meet, that will be noted. That receptionist may not be the decision maker when it comes to the job you have applied for, however he or she can certainly let the decision maker know all about you. Likewise when you are on the phone, a rude attitude will do you no favours whatsoever. No matter who you deal with, be poloite, courteous and mannerly – it costs nothing and can go a long way. Even if you seem to be the most perfect candidate in the world on paper, if you are lacking in basic social niceties, a recruiter is very unlikely to ever wish to call you.

We hope these basic tips help somewhat in understanding why recruiters don’t call you. Any of you professional recruiters out there got any others that you’d like to share? Why not let us know via the comments section below…


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