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Progressing your career abroad: Making the move to Asia

With the UK’s loss of its triple-A credit rating and the fact that its unemployment levels are struggling to subside, you could be forgiven for imagining yourself working abroad in a much nicer part of the world and in a prosperous, safe career.

One such location is Asia, home to one of the world’s fastest growing economies and a location that can appeal on many levels. The likes of Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan all offer entry to flourishing industries, with (ironically) the likes of investment banking and wealth management jobs among the most popular. Take a look at AP-Executive.com for a better idea of such roles.

Setting Asia as your destination for a new career, you will have an almost unique opportunity to witness your role progress along with the businessman_holding_crystal_globeenvironment that surrounds you.

Some people look to move away for work predominantly because of the job itself, but over in a location such as Singapore, it is also a chance to enjoy and add so many different experiences to your life’s C.V.

Hong Kong
One of the easiest places to adapt to is Hong Kong, thanks mainly to the affiliation it has with the UK after being part of the Commonwealth for 99 years, resulting in the official languages of both Chinese and English. Over seven million populate the area and is a blend of the old and the new, as the modern skyline mixes in with traditional Chinese-style buildings to create a unique sight. Only 25 per cent of the 1,104km2 is mass developed, but part of this is accounted for by the wondrous cityscape that dominates most people’s vision of the destination. In regards to jobs in Hong Kong, investment banking is potentially the most popular area people look to move there for, and can be a very lucrative market if you make the correct progress.

For something a little smaller but just as vibrant and wonderful, Singapore is great for those looking for the likes of wealth management jobs in an environment where you can split your time between a bustling city and luscious parks. Singapore is quite a warm environment too, with temperatures usually between 22 to 34 degrees C, whereas Hong Kong is slightly colder on average (although neither is like the UK). Those after peace of mind when thinking about making the move to Singapore will be glad to hear it features in the top 20 locations in the world when it comes to GDP per capita, with a high standard of living to boot.

If it’s an exciting, culturally unique and diverse environment, there are fewer as thrilling as Japan. Cities such as Osaka, Tokyo and Yokohama all offer something completely different than the last, with Tokyo obviously the most popular choice out of all of them.
Out of a massive 128 million people living in Japan, the nation’s capital is home to over 30 million of them and the country itself has an impressive economy worth $4.5 trillion – the world’s second-largest. Although having many varied industries inside Tokyo, the city is still a great place for those looking to progress their financial career and it couldn’t be done in a more unique environment.

About the author: Sam writes for AP-Executive who offer recruitment in wealth management jobs, investment banking jobs and asset management jobs in Singapore, as well as across Europe.

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