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UK locations and their best industries for jobs

In your latter years of education, you will certainly have a good idea of where you want to be in terms of your career type, but not necessarily a online job searchspecific location. As a result, many graduates find themselves leaving their native towns and cities in hunt of where the best places are for the industry they are looking to get ahead in.

There are certainly locations in the UK where there is a definitive strength in a certain industry, but this can often be hard to identify without delving deeper. With this knowledge to hand, however, it can be very useful to know whereabouts you may have to relocate to start your career; this could be London, the North West, certain counties and even different countries within the United Kingdom.

It can be hard to make the decision to leave behind your native town, but if you are serious about progressing in your career, you could find yourself looking at a myriad of options and therefore you will also need to think about where to live. Most professionals look to town houses or apartments when moving to big cities such as London and places like Brentford offer such opportunities as Brentfordlockwest.co.uk Flats for decently-priced options.

Tech start-ups jobs – East London:
The urban regeneration in East London brought on by the Olympics has not only dramatically changed the landscape, but also added growth to the surrounding industry. One such area, computer technology, has burst into life as a result and the location is now a hub of such activity.
To pinpoint a specific location, Old Street is the place to be and has become known as either Silicon Roundabout or Tech City; this heightened array of companies is looking like it will also swarm into the facilities left behind by the 2012 Games. It is estimated that currently, there are over 5,000 digital and technology businesses operating in the area, or put another way, almost half of all UK start-ups.

Aerospace and technology – Bristol:IT Jobs
Thanks to the inspirational figure of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Bristol has historically been a place for invention and production. A consequence of this is Bristol being a hub for aerospace jobs, as well as technology jobs.
The upcoming Bristol and Bath Science Park will soon create 6,000 new positions in the area in such industries and sectors.

Infrastructure/transport – Hampshire/London:
In 2013, the UK government is looking to spend £13 million on improving motorways and A-roads in Hampshire and this will bring with it many, many jobs; up to 40,000 in fact, between 2013 and 2015.

On top of this, further north in London, there will be a boost in transport; with the M25 a particular focus and the Chancellor has recently announced that around £5 billion will be available for such improvements, as well as the railways.

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