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Weighing up the idea of working for yourself

Weighing up the idea of working for yourself

Many of those seemingly “stuck” in the 9-5Businessman Using Computer grind might also be the ones spending time at their desk wondering how they could possibly set up shop for themselves and work off of their own accord.

For some of these people the idea might be exciting, but also rather daunting when they think about quitting their day job and looking to prosper on their own. Those without a solid plan of how they might be able to set up their own business or perform their current job on a freelance basis will obviously struggle; but if a viable outline is made, then you could be a success.

If you are wondering at all about the responsibilities and what it takes to succeed when working for yourself, here is a brief guide to what you might want to consider:

Going alone or getting some help

Obviously you’re going to be the boss when it comes to starting your own business, but the real question is: Will you need some help?

Keep in mind that initially at least, everything is going to fall on you; but it doesn’t have to be like that forever and you can look to hire in people to offer support when the business starts to make its first bit of revenue. The likes of accountants such as ClearSkyAccounting.co.uk will help you out with any financial issues and keep your books in check, whilst even the hiring of interns will make it possible to get simple but time consuming tasks out the way.

It will be you, however, that will be managing your own time; so remember to develop your time management skills, as no one else will do it for you. The latter segment of that point can be seen as an advantage, as there is no more management structure handing down work to do like some sort of production line; working for yourself means you can break the career mould and do as you see fit.

Keeping the balance

For most people setting up their first business or going freelance, they will be working out of their home; but for some, they will want this to be a temporary element to their set-up, as they do not want their career to mix with their home life.

Others may see this as an opportunity to carry out tasks for both sides of their life in order to make sure that they are both getting the relevant attention they require. In this situation, however, it could very well pay to have a separate area of the home for your business needs, as you may find your new career direction converging into your normal home life.

You’ve got to keep bringing in the money

Getting one big job or project is fantastic and you can bring a hefty amount of money in through its completion, but at the same time you’ve got to plan for the next one to ensure that the money stream won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Working for yourself is certainly a life where you will work longer and harder than before, but you have to remember that you’re not working for someone else’s gain and you get paid as a result, you’re looking to be successful for your own needs and satisfaction.

About the author: Sam writes for ClearSky Accounting who offer outsourcing for small businesses when it comes to their finances. Take a look at Clearskyaccounting.co.uk work for yourself to see how they might be able to help you.



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