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The One-Week Job Project

So you’re working as a Retail Manager, you have an accident and have to take a bit of time off. What do you do next? Go back to your old job once you’ve recovered? Well…that’s more than likely what most of us would do. However, it’s not at all what one Cornwall man decided to do.

Matt Frost decided he would not only get a new job, but would get 52 new jobs over the course of a year. The purpose? To find something that he was truly passionate about. oneweekjobQuirky idea admittedly but one that has been tried (with success) before. The One-Week Job Project was created initially by a Canadian university graduate Sean Aiken who set about his journey working 52 jobs in 52 weeks with the aim of finding the answer to that question we’ve all faced at some point – “What should I do with my life?”

Just as with the original One-Week Job Project, Matt aims to go to a job, work for a week and then use social media, blogs and videos to update how things are going and his journey so far. At the time of writing, Matt is now 15 weeks into the project and during that time he has done everything from Photography to Beef Farming.

Obviously trying out such a variety of roles in a bid to find the ‘one’ for you is a luxury that most of us would never get the chance to experience. However it’s probably fair to say that not many of us would embark on such a challenge in the first place anyway!This isn’t simply a challenge that will only benefit Matt however, all the wages that he earns over the course of the year are going to The Prince’s Trust – to date he has earned £3,700 – a sum that anyone involved in the charitable sector will tell you, would be very much appreciated.

To follow Matt’s journey, you can check out his website and if you’re an employer who would be interested in giving him a job for a week, you can email matt@oneweekjob.co.uk or contact him on Twitter @OneWeekJobUK.

Here at TheEmployable we wish him all the best and we’ll certainly be following his journey over the rest of the year!

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