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“How to Search and Apply for Jobs” on Special

“How to Search and Apply for Jobs” on Special Offer

June and July is a tough time for job seekers – not only is the sunshine an enticing obstacle compared to the doldrums of the jobcentre or the frustration of your current job, but the chances of finding a job in the summer can be a tougher possibility as many HR Managers and Recruiters take the odd holiday or two, consequently slowing down the recruitment process fullstop.

Add to this a shed load of recent Graduates searching for jobs and with the job market only just about finding its feet – this is certainly not an easy time for any jobseeker struggling to find employment opportunities.

With this in mind we have decided to do our bit to help. We’ve put TheEmployable’s E-book’ “How to Search and Apply for Jobs” on special offer and the price has been reduced to a (we How to Search and Apply for Jobsthink!) wonderful price of £1.31 / $1.99! If you’re looking for a job, its money well spent!

Our E-book ‘How to Search and Apply for Jobs’ relates to the part of the job seeking process that jobseekers often get wrong, or take for granted. However, this is the part of the process, that is fundamental for jobseekers to get to ‘first base’ i.e. having an interview.

In ‘How to Search and Apply for Jobs’ we address :

  • What is it that you want to do?

  • How to organise your job search

  • The places you can look for jobs

  • Niche job seeking advice

  • The job application process

  • CV structure and selling yourself

  • Job seeking tips and things to look out for

Where to Buy?

How to Search and Apply for Jobs is available as an ebook on Kindle via Amazon and on various ebook devices on Smashwords too…

Good luck with your job searching and we hope our ebook How to Search and Apply for Jobs helps you along the way too!


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