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The Extreme Jobhunter

extreme jobhunterHere at The Employable, we’ve featured quite a few innovative and creative jobseekers over the last year or so – from those creating quirky CVs through to those creating direct marketing campaigns. They’ve all got one thing in common though – they want prospective employers to sit up and take notice. And let’s face it, with such a challenging job market, it’s gotta be done!

The latest jobseeker to grab our attention for his creative endeavours is Advertising graduate, Dan Conway. Not content with just sending out the usual run of the mill CVs and applying for the same jobs as everyone else, Dan decided to go one better – he created a website to let employers know all about him.

Nothing special there you may think. Lots of people have their own personal websites these days after all. Well…yes, that’s true. But none are really like this one. Dan’s website outlines his new role as ‘The Extreme Jobhunter’.

Since setting up the site, Dan has undertaken all sorts of ‘stunts in a bid to catch the eye of an employer. From auctioning himself on ebay through to offering an iPad incentive to anyone who helps him find a job. So far, Dan has embarked on some 14 stunts and will stop at nothing to secure that sought after role in Advertising, Marketing or Social Media.

Here’s Dan’s first ‘stunt’ where he enlisted the services of his daughter, Lucy.

Extreme jobhunter

After seeing that how could we resist helping! We’re simply trying to help get the word out – but if any of you guys can help Dan in any way, then please do so! Spread the word or even better, offer him a job!

Interested in seeing Dan’s other stunts? Check out the website where all is revealed!



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