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The importance of software protection

When working independently, or doing your own projects, digital software can often become very important. SometimesHealth and Safety
it lends a helping hand whilst, at other times, it’s critical to getting any actual progress done.

As such, it helps to protect yourself when it comes to such software. After all, you need a plan of action should something happen, grinding your current project to a standstill. In the case of software, this is best down by software escrow, provided by the likes of Escrow Associates and similar to any other form of escrow.

Understanding ownership

A major part of the problem with software is that you typically don’t own the product. Instead, you have purchased a license that allows you to use and access it. This is typically known as SaaS or ‘Software as a Service’. When installing such programmes, this is what you agree to at the beginning and is typically referred to as the end user agreement.

As such, you can’t fix the software itself when it doesn’t work; you don’t have access to the source code or product. This is still owned by the software provider, which is why they are responsible for providing a working product. When sometime goes wrong, it’s their legal duty to fix it and uphold the agreement.

Computer_keyboardEscrow as protection

Using software escrow, or source code escrow, acts as a neutral third party in this interest. The escrow company looks out for both sides involved, only handing over the code when the provider has legally failed to uphold their end of the agreement. As a neutral party, this gets straight to the problem and solution, rather than getting involved in on-going disputes.

Furthermore, trained escrow associates will help both sides, drafting up a fair and understandable agreement so that everyone knows what’s going on. This, in itself, provides a key part of the protection.

Since a software provider won’t want to give up their valuable source code, they will arguably do everything in their power to provide you with a working product. In turn, this allows you to carry on working.

Likewise, if something does go wrong, it can be resolved quickly so that you can carry on with work. Yet, the level of trust established is arguably more important. It provides you with a back-up plan as well as demonstrating a level of commitment from the providers and software your projects rely on.

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