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Quirky businesses show conventional competitors how it’s done

To get ahead in business, it pays to be a little innovative. Trying to do things by the book can only get you so far, so whenchessandbusiness it comes to selling your product, having something unique that appeals to a niche market may be the key to success. Here, we profile five quirky US-based enterprises who have managed to grow rapidly in a short space of time:

Doc Popcorn

This interesting chain of popcorn retailers began life as a husband-and-wife operation where they simply tried to penetrate the market in their local area. Today, they have a number of outlets across the United States, enjoying popularity wherever anyone has a hankering for a fresh bag of popcorn to snack on.


Well established in the list of top 100 companies based in Oklahoma, HomeWetBar.com sell a range of intriguing and humorous gifts geared at men. They have managed to enter a market which hasn’t fully developed yet and have also provided items which many people would like to have in their home.


At the forefront of a growing sector in the gaming industry, Lumosity have created a range of ‘brain training’ games for smartphones and tablets, which many people are using to play them. They claim that their products are designed to help test cognitive development as well as general intelligence, something which makes this company stand out from the crowd.

Superfly Kids

What makes this particular company special is that they sell customised superhero capes for kids, especially for occasions such as birthdays. They also sell general fancy dress costumes across the US, helping them to have a number of bases covered when it comes to catering for kids’ parties. They also cater for adults as well.

Goal Zero

In this day and age, the products that Goal Zero offers to their customers are of great relevance. They make solar-powered rechargeable units for electrical appliances ranging from smartphones and tablets to big-screen TVs and refrigerators. Unsurprisingly, their growth has been exponential, partly because products like those they make are pretty rare to find on sale.

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