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5 Ways To Handle Internal Job Interviews

Whether you’re interested in moving to a different role within the company or are hoping to get a promotion, there can interviewbe no denying that interviewing for a job within the company where you already work is not always that easy.

Sometimes it can be much less daunting to be interviewed by strangers rather than the people that you see, day in and day out. It needn’t be that way though. Here are 5 Ways To Handle Internal Job Interviews that should help.

Do your Research

An internal job interview should be no different from a regular job interview in that it’s essential that you do your research. Admittedly you should already know a lot about the company – but there is probably a lot that you don’t. You might know lots about your existing role or department but very little about other functions within the organisation. Prepare for your interview by finding out what you can about those functions and areas. Ask questions or perhaps shadow someone for a day – do what you can to strengthen your overall company knowledge.

Don’t assume it’s your job

Many internal candidates feel that all they have to do is turn up and the job is theirs. You should never be under the illusion that this is the case. It’s a competitive process just like every interview – the best candidate for the job will get it. Don’t assume that the interview is just a formality. If you fall into that trap, you are likely to be under-prepared and more often than not likely to be disappointed at the interview outcome.

Be honest

When you are interviewing for an internal position, you can’t bluff, you can’t lie and you can’t make out that you are interviewsignsomething that you are not. You shouldn’t do this in any interview anyway, but it’s certainly impossible to do in an internal one. Your interviewers will know what you are like as an employee, if they don’t, they can easily speak to your line manager – in fact your line manager might even be on the panel. Be truthful at all times. Even if you have had challenges or difficulties in the past in your current role, be open enough to admit them and how you overcame or dealt with them.

Stay professional

Your interview panel might consist of colleagues who you sit beside every day, who you lunch with, or even play football with at the weekend. That doesn’t mean that you should let your guard down and be over familiar. Remain professional at all times – from formally shaking hands when you enter the interview room to thanking them when you leave – it all matters. Even if you are ‘best friends’, in these circumstances you are interviewer and interviewee and therefore you should respect that.

Sell yourself

Every interview is basically about you selling yourself as the best candidate for the job. An internal one is no different. However, the fact that you have to sell yourself in front of people that you already know may perhaps feel a tad awkward. It’s something however that you will have to come to terms with if you really want this job. Be confident in your abilities – in your strengths and in what you can do. An interview is not the place to become introverted or shy about your achievements. Believe in yourself and you’ll be able to sell yourself.

We hope that by highlighting 5 Ways to Handle Internal Job Interviews we have helped any of you who are about to face that very thing. Got any other tips that you’d like to share? Why not let us know via the comments section below.


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