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Springboard scholarship: buy now, pay later

graduate employmentWith numerous reports commenting on how higher education fees have risen over recent years, it is hardly surprising that today’s students are seeking alternative ways to get themselves ahead when it comes to education and employment. Proponents of higher education will always argue that the fees are worth the investment when you consider the higher wages which graduates usually take home.

But what if these promises fall short of reality? A real concern for modern students is the risk that’ll they struggle to find employment after graduating or not earn the higher figures so often quoted.

Thankfully, there is a way in which students can earn the qualifications they desire without putting their finances at risk and that is through a Springboard Scholarship offered by LSBF.

What is a Springboard Scholarship?

Offered by the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), a springboard scholarship is a type of qualification which offers extra security where it comes to student finances and graduate incomes. They’re so confident that their former students will do well after gaining their qualifications that they only begin taking tuition fee payments if their graduates salary has increased by 50% in the first two years after graduation.

If this does not happen, then tuition is free.

Buy now, pay later

Following the idea of ‘buy now, pay later’, this system means that students don’t have to worry about their finances when deciding whether or not to study. Although graduates typically earn more than non-graduates, this is when compared over their lifetimes and may not translate to an immediate gain or improvement.

By allowing students to defer payment until they’re earning a set amount more than previously, the Springboard Scholarships from LSBF removes the worry of finding ways to fund your education if you should fail to earn the amount you hoped. The fact that they offer this opportunity shows their confidence that their qualifications will help you reach your potential and earn more.

Who are these scholarships for?

LSBF offer these scholarships to postgraduate students from the UK, EU, Russia, India, Brazil and China. It is primarily aimed at career driven individuals who want to be able to dedicate themselves to their studies without having the worry of finances hanging over their head. Available as short courses or degrees, there are plenty of options for applicants to choose from to ensure they get the best possible results at the end of their study.


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