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Youth Employment December Campaign

Whether youth employment (or should we say unemployment) is still on the radar of politicians we are not too sure.

With the recent slight drops in UK unemployment figures being reported in the mainstream press (admittedly not over egged by said politicians) it is easy to forget that whilst unemployment figures may be down, the percentage in real terms is still pretty minimal.

Therefore with around 1,000,000 young people not employed, in education or training, youth employment is still a critical issue not just for right now, but for the considerable future. Generation “No Jobs” is still here to stay.

That is why we thought it wise to spread the words on Youth Employment UK’s current mission to make December the YOUTH EMPLOYMENT UKmonth that makes the UK the most “Youth Friendly” place to work.

Youth Employment UK CIC wants to encourage more employers to do whatever small or big thing they can to positively support a young person and show themselves as a Youth Friendly business.

Youth Employment UK is the only UK not-for-profit campaigning and membership organisation dedicated to bringing everything available to support youth unemployment into one single access point.

Back in April they launched the national Youth Friendly badge, a free award available for all companies who support young people in some way. Their aim was to encourage employers to create opportunities for mentoring, work experience, careers talks and of course employment for young people.

With an identified only 1 in 4 employers currently been deemed to be ‘Youth Friendly’, The Youth Employment UK Youth Friendly campaign aims to make December the month that many employers support and take action in order to become ‘Youth Friendly’ with their employment policies.

Becoming a Youth Friendly employer comes at no cost – a business simply has to commit to doing two Youth Friendly activities from a very extensive menu. The activities range from an hour long career talk in a school (costing only time) through to employing young people recommending all the good practice you would expect.

You can find out more about the Youth Friendly campaign via the Youth Employment UK website and we wish the organisers, the employers and of course all the young people we hope it will benefit, the very best in having a very successful “Youth Friendly” December and 2014.


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