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10 Tips for Career Success in 2014

Looking for career success in 2014? From earning an online degree to learning to show passion, here areviral 98 ten tips that will take you to a brighter future.

1. Set Goals

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you get there? Setting concrete goals provides clarity to what you’re trying to do with your career. Do you want a promotion, a raise, or to start over at a new company?

2. Get an Online Degree

Sometimes, your lack of education holds you back. If you’re under-qualified for the career of your dreams, but can’t afford to take time off work, consider pursing an online degree. You can complete all of the work on your own schedule and earn the accreditation you need.

3. Wake Up Early

The president of Starbucks, Michelle Gass, gets up at 4:30AM to go running. Waking up earlier gives you several benefits. You’re not rushed in the morning, which means you have time for breakfast – which will help your focus in those afternoon meetings.

4. Find Your Advantage

One of the biggest keys to success is finding your advantage – what do you do better than anyone else? Some people are great at running meetings and public speaking, others can find ways to improve little things around their company. Find and use your advantage to improve your career prospects.

5. A Better Resume and Cover Lettercheck_list

If you’re looking for a new career, you need to update your resume. However, don’t stick to the traditional, generic approach. The key is to stand out in a positive way. Write a cover letter specifically for the job you want, and update your resume to reflect what the employer is looking for.

6. Network Online and Offline

Successful careers don’t always start from answering newspaper ads. Usually, recommendations are what you need to find a great position. In order to build your circle of references, you need to network both online and offline. Make it a goal to attend at least one work-related event per month.

7. Practice Interviews

Nothing makes people more nervous than interviewing for a job they want. To help avoid those nerves, make sure you research the company you’re interviewing for, and get a friend to help you practice. Give them a list of questions to ask, and allow them to make up some of their own. Preparation is key.

8. Punctuality

No, it doesn’t usually make a meaningful difference if you show up five minutes late for work, at least in terms of how much you get done. But when your boss sees that you’re consistently showing up five minutes late, they’ll view you as unreliable.

9. No Complainingviral7

Instead of complaining about a problem, find a solution. When you complain, you’re seen as a negative influence in the office – even if your complaints are valid.

10. Show Passion

If you were going to hire someone for a job, would you hire the person who seems bored, or the person who seems passionate. Find what you’re passionate about, and don’t be afraid to show that passion in your work.

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