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Keeping your business safe online: How to achieve it?

Running a website for your business is hard work at the best of times, but much of that work is absolutely necessary. One task you must undertake when looking after the site is keeping it safe. This means guarding against such things as malware and reassuring any online customers that their money is fine.

As shown in this infographic from Symantec Norton, there are a number of nasties to watch out for. Malicious adverts which can infect any page, phishing via brand impersonation, pop-up adverts, general infection from viruses and Trojans and not having the relevant security measures in place are all things to be wary of.

There are a few measures worth taking to try and ensure that your site is safe. Daily scans for malware, having an up-to-date SSL certificate for processing payments and having a member of staff responsible for overseeing every facet of your business’s online security are all good ideas.


Keep your website safe – An infographic by the team at Symantec Norton


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