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Unemployment, Unemployment, Unemployment – Diary of an employable blogaholic

Unemployment, Unemployment, Unemployment – Diary of an employable blogaholic

I write this diary blog in peaks and troughs, one a week and then none for a month (or two) and I expect much like unemployment jobcentrefigures, and UK employment stats, it’s only worth talking (and writing) about something, well, when there’s something to talk about.

George Osborne can’t stop smiling this last week. Unemployment is down – in fact, taking a look at the graphs that are appearing all over the news – it’s a pretty sudden drop in unemployment figures at that.

We offer a little pat on the back to George, Cameron and his team, but most of all, a pat on the back to all the jobseekers who have found work over the last few months – long may this decrease continue.

We’ve spent the last few years bemoaning the state of the jobs market, so it is only wise for us to start with a good positive – start being the operative word.

But let’s get a little real here shall we.

Firstly you get the impression that George, and his marvellous jobs medicine, simply decided to play a little roulette – choosing red andgeorge osbourne v ed balls red came up.

Old Balls and what’s-his-face – Miliband, could have done the same, a little bit of this, little bit of that, mixed it all in a pot and came out smelling of the saviour of the jobs market.

But it’s wise to remember that the UK economy, alongside most economies, is based around peaks and troughs – once there’s an up in unemployment figures, there inevitably, must be a down. One would assume that this is the start of the down.

And, this sudden drop, looking at graphs that map unemployment figures from the last 15-20 years (the ONS graph on jobless totals on the BBC website is pretty good) is still unfortunately just a metaphorical drop in the unemployment ocean compared to the levels of unemployment from perhaps 10 years passed.

So, before you listen to all the newsreaders, politicians and journalists singing the “let the good times roll again” message from big bro HQ – take stock that although the unemployment figures drop is really encouraging, it is just a small drop at this point.

So don’t all of a sudden start getting new big mortgages, loans and buying flat screen TVs – after all there’ll be another peak and trough for that too – that’s for sure…


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