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Creating an inspirational workspace: How hard can it be?

Creating an inspirational workspace: How hard can it be?

When you’re at work, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll pay much attention to your surroundings. For many of us, a desk is just a desk and a chair is just a chair, but is it possible to make our workspaces much better places to spend time in? An inspirational place to work in might seem like pie-in-the-sky thinking, but can it be possible to create an office that’s both comfortable and easy on the eye?

Sometimes, working in a nice, clean and open office space can help to relax us while also boosting productivity. As proof of how inspirational some offices can actually be, we take a look at a number of examples of great office spaces which we would all like to work in:

hudson rougeOpen-plan paradise

The office of US-based advertising firm Hudson Rouge looks basic enough, but in being open-plan, it has plenty of room for every worker to stretch their legs, breathe easily and get to their colleagues without having to go round in circles. The white colour scheme gives the illusion of light and space.

Hitachi-Consulting-28-300x200Across the river

Sometimes, a great office is made even better by a great view. Hitachi Consulting’s London office has larger than normal desks, but the views of some of the city’s major landmarks including Tower Bridge and the City Hall add a little something extra.

oneworkspaceFunky furniture

The quality of the office furniture often helps to make or break an office. In a survey conducted by Podspace on office workers throughout the UK, it was revealed that 27% would prefer their workspace to have contemporary and colourful furniture, something One Workplace have taken note of. Given that they sell office furniture, it’s no surprise that they have a lot of their own products in their office.

The use of different colours helps to humanise their office, helping to both stimulate and relax workers whenever they look around the workspace for their colleagues.

stone harborLighting up

The same survey also found that 40% of people preferred no partitioning in their offices, but wanted separate workspaces and desks. Stone Harbor do just that, but what makes their workspace so special is the lighting. The lights, coupled with the curved glass roof, offer something you’re highly unlikely to see in your typical office in a nondescript business park.

All the above examples show that it takes more than a coat of white paint and some plain desks and chairs to make an inspirational workspace. In jazzing the office up a little, it could be one of the best investments any business could possibly make.


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