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Worst things that Jobseekers can assume

Any jobseeker, whether they recognise it or not, carries with them certain assumptions about their career prospects and opportunities.job-seeking And, recognising the signs of when you are perhaps assuming too much, can be very difficult to spot for someone who is in the midst of jobseeking.

As anyone who has ever worked in recruitment will vouch for, you do get to see (and hear) many of the tell tale signs that a jobseeker is perhaps assuming, rather than actually knowing, about their career prospects. Therefore to help a little, we’ve highlighted below some of our top examples of the worst things that a jobseeker can assume…

Thinking you are not qualified enough

Ok – Let’s get one thing straight. “Qualifications” and being “Qualified enough” does not just relate to educational grades and certificates. You can have all the educational qualifications in the world, but still not be qualified for a job  or specific position. “How’s that?” you might ask. Well – having a degree in Engineering, doesn’t necessarily mean you are automatically qualified to build a bridge, does it? Therefore consider what skills, experiences and educational qualifications you have for a role and don’t rule yourself in or out, before you have considered all three.

That a bad start at an interview, means it will be a “no”

So, you get shortlisted for interview, but come interview day you sadly mess up on the first interview question that comes up. Dejected, you feel that you have no chance of getting the job, and there are still 5-6 more questions to go. Well, stop right there and get back on it! Most people mess up one or two things at interview, and by showing tenacity and strength of character by continuing to try and impress for the rest of the interview – well, you never know, you might just impress enough to still get offered that job.

That there are no jobs to apply for

Over the last few days, there have been some encouraging signs about the UK jobs market and a sudden drop in unemployment figures. find-jobCynical views aside, this is really good news for the unemployed or actively job seeking individual in the UK. Get out of that rut of assuming that there are no jobs to apply for, and take a fresh look at the jobs boards, jobcentre website, recruitment agencies you walk past…you might just be surprised.

That you’ve got all the skills that you need

Just as some applicants think that by having specific educational qualifications they are fully qualified for X, Y or Z, some jobseekers think that there is nothing else that they can do to better their job prospects and make themselves more employable. Think again! There are always things you can do to improve your skillset and if you are looking for a specific job, make sure that you keep up to date with all the skills and talents that would be ideal for said job, and also make sure that you continue to update and refresh your skills as much as you can.

That you know better than the hirer / recruiter

Some hirers / recruiters can be a little ignorant – that is a given. But most recruiters, whether you like it or not, are pretty educated in knowing what type of candidates they are looking to find, and for what specific jobs. Most recruiters don’t appreciate being talked down to, and it’s important to remember that they are the initial gate-keepers or decision makers who can determine whether you are considered for a role, or not. Therefore, try to keep on the side of the recruiter / hirer, even if it pains you!


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