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5 of the Worst things you can do on your first day in your new job!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully taken on board all of the jobseeking, CV writing, and job viral7interview tips that we provide here at TheEmployable! You’re dressed up all smart, ready to go, and ready to start your new job, working for ‘that fab company’ that you were delighted to find employment with!

But wait a minute, before you set off on your first day, it might be a good idea to read this, admittedly tongue in cheek article about the worst things you can do on your first day in your new job! And no laughing, these situations, are more common than you think!

Asking for time off

Put yourself in the situation of your employer. If you ask for time off, on your first day, you really are, whether you mean to or not, sending out a signal that you are not as committed as you implied during the interview process. Whilst we appreciated that circumstances may dictate that pre-arranged holidays etc. need to be addressed, do try to  do this during the interview, or better still, once the job has been offered. Don’t wait until your first day to highlight that you have a two week holiday to Bermuda in the bag – it might not go down so well!

Not coming back after lunch

Yes, it does happen, but try not to be the one that it happens to. Admittedly, some jobs don’t first appear as they should, and some offices may seem to be as exciting as watching the proverbial paint dry, however you really should give yourself a little more time to see if it is in fact as bad as all that! Walking out at lunchtime, can not only appear very unprofessional, and darn right rude, but can do damage to your employability and reputation in the long run too.

viral6Annoy a Co-worker

Coming in all cock-a-hoop, might seem a little rock ‘n roll, but in reality it can give other co-workers a bad impression. Act more modestly, be attentive and interested in what your other co-workers have to say, and this will go along way in making a good impression on your first day.

Admitting this is just a stop-gap

Leading on from annoying a fellow co-worker; it can be quite easy on your first day, to admit to total strangers that this job is not what you are looking to do for the long term. It’s funny what home truths you may come out with when you are nervous or when meeting your new work colleagues for the first time. However, even though you may have no real loyalty to your new employers just yet, the chances are that your fellow co-workers will indeed have just that and may even tell your new boss what you are thinking and potentially planning to do.

Blocking the toilet

Yep, needs must and all that…however do try not to do the above – the reputation and joke might remain with you for the remainder of your time working for your new company!


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