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National campaign to encourage MPs to support youth employment

yeukIf there is one thing that we know here at TheEmployable, it’s that finding a job can be really really difficult… One group which has suffered particularly severely over the past few years is the youth of our society. Ok, so we know that things are improving (albeit slowly) but the fact remains that young people today are coming of age into a job market which…well let’s just say it needs improvement. We are, therefore very happy to announce a national campaign which is hoping to encourage MPs to actively support youth employment.

The project is the handiwork of Youth Employment UK (YEUK) which, if you haven’t heard already, is the country’s foremost campaigning organisation, dedicated to tackling youth unemployment. It’s a not-for-profit social enterprise that was founded in 2012 and is the only campaigning membership organisation working with all of the stakeholders invested in youth employment.

Youth Friendly Badge

On the 9th of July, UK MPs will be given the opportunity to sign up for what is called a ‘Youth Friendly Badge’ during a parliamentary event.

The badge represents a free award which is bestowed upon organisations which have committed themselves to carrying out youth friendly practices. Youth Employment UK is keen to recognise the efforts of those people who are actively engaging with young people and to inspire other employers to follow suit.

“If youth unemployment is to be significantly reduced we need to create a more Youth Friendly UK, employers of all sizes can and should be supporting young people in some way” says Laura Jane Rawlings, Chief Exec of Youth Employment UK CIC.

By encouraging MPs to sign up for the badge and ensure that that they run a youth friendly office, YEUK hope to set a precedent for other organisations. In order to remain in possession of the badge employers must:

a) Sign the Positive Youth Charter,

b) Commit to two Youth Friendly activities a year (Careers Talks, Work Experience, Mentoring, Apprenticeships etc.)

c) Self assess their behaviour against 8 Youth Friendly characteristics

This is where you come in. YEUK is asking everyone who cares about the youth of today to lobby their MP to sign up for the badge on the 9th of July and set an example on youth friendly practices within their constituency.

To find out more about how you can help with the effort (and for some great tips on how to lobby your MP)  go to the YEUK website.



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