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How to avoid an event disaster

One of the worst things that can happen at any event, be it a corporate promotional affair or a music festival, is to be forgettable. The whole point of hosting any party, festival or event is to be remembered, but for the right reasons. viral6That way you can be sure that people will remember your product, blog about what a great experience it was and pay money to come again next year.

To a large degree it all depends partly on the imagination, effort and quality of hospitality staff they’ve brought in. They can really make the difference between a memorable event and an instantly forgettable one. Good staff can also ensure that all manner of other event disasters don’t happen.

Whatever it is you’re trying to promote with your event, you have to remember first and foremost that the people need to feel like they’re special. They want to be entertained, well fed and have a good time—all the while being treated by friendly and hospitable staff. If you can tick these boxes, they will be far more likely to remember your viral7product allowing for success overall.

With everything from security disasters to lack of food, rain stopping play and gatecrashers to think about, every event needs to be planned meticulously. That involves recruiting the right staff for the job and ensuring they know how to act and react in any situation.

In some cases, this will involve picking and choosing the kind of hospitality staff you need according to the kind of event your running. For example, a high-end fashion launch won’t need too many burly bouncers and security staff. Then again, a music festival doesn’t have much call for haute cuisine caterers.

Effective planning and a well thought out staff planning policy can prevent all manner of disasters, as can employing staff with experience for the kind of events you’re putting on. The same problems crop up again and again at big events, so having someone who knows what to do at any given moment can prevent things spiralling out of control and make your event the best it can be.


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