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Get In Shape: How to Start Up a Sports Facility

It’s shaping up to be an epic summer of sport.

The World Cup and Wimbledon are in full swing, the Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup are just around the corner, and memories from the London Olympics still burn bright.

It’s nothing short of inspiring. So inspiring, in fact, that you now have a very strong desire to start up a sports facility in an effort to cultivate the next Neymar or Nadal.

Although your own “fitness” regime involves reaching for the remote control while shoving pizza in your gob, this venture gives you the opportunity to stretch your business muscles AND make money.

But before you jump the gun and race to the bank to demand a loan, there are key things to consider when starting viral 98out, lest an ill-advised jumpers for goalposts approach falls at the first hurdle.

Read on to find out more …

Slam Dunk Your Finance

There’s no getting away from it: you need a decent amount of dosh if your new venture is to get off the ground. Crucially, you should have a sound business plan for your sports facility, which you can take to the bank if you require a loan or additional start up capital.

Whether you’re going it alone or you have business partners ready to chip in, your business plan should be watertight, as the bank will use it to gauge whether your financial projections – and your own lofty ambitions – are more than pie in the sky.

Choose Your Facility

Regardless of the type of facility you choose – indoor or outdoor – you’ll spend the majority of your cash kitting it out with the essentials. These include sports fencing to keep vandals at bay, spectator rails for overzealous onlookers and a playing surface that’ll stand up to the elements.

In addition, you may want to focus on a particular niche, with some sports facilities opting to concentrate either on football, baseball or hockey. In some cases, a start up sports facility may be a fully-fledged gymnasium replete with all the latest gear.

Find Employees

Given your own athletic failings, you may decide to turn to more sporty – and more qualified –personnel to deal with the day-to-day running of the facility. You’ll also need staff on hand to run the sports programmes and ensure your customers get the most bang for their buck.

Additionally, considering the range of expensive equipment you’ve likely spent a fortune on, you’ll need employees who know their way around a screwdriver. This is essential in keeping your sports facility on the right track, ensuring you don’t drop the ball and disappoint your clientele.



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