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7 Tips on How to Be More Proactive in Your Job Search

online job searchWe are all guilty of it – creating to do lists of the sake of creating to do lists. It’s the ultimate procrastination technique for any experience job seeker, simply because it makes us feel like we are doing something rather than nothing. When searching for a new job you need to be proactive in order to succeed.

Finding a job isn’t easy, never mind finding the perfect job! It takes time, effort and determination. However, like everything else in life if you put your mind to it and focus on the end goal, you can achieve it – you just have to want it enough. Check out these tips on how to be more proactive in your job search.

It’s a full time job!

Searching for a job is a full time job itself. Get up at a reasonable time and get dressed. You might not think it but something as simple as this will alter your frame of mind and increase your productivity immediately. Why not try taking your work to a local coffee shop? It’s amazing how getting out of the house can boost your mood. Setting yourself daily targets and assigning time for breaks is another great way to help you be more productive.

Do you know what you want?

Being clear about exactly what you want is crucial when finding a job. Make a list of all the things that you want from a job and then evaluate the things that are most important to you and the things you would be willing to compromise on. This will allow you to assess job specifications in more detail and prevent you from applying for jobs that are not necessarily right for you.

Be realistic!

Try not to apply for jobs that you know you will not get; whether you lack the qualifications, skills or experience required. Applying for a job and hearing nothing back is a huge moral killer and can be damaging to your search. Before applying ensure you meet the basic requirements. It is wise to invest your time into applying for roles that suit your skill set and qualifications; this will likely double your chances of landing a role.

Monitor and evaluate your progress

Self-evaluation is a key part of moving forward. Are you meeting the daily targets you have set yourself? If not, why not? Are your targets realistic or are you simply not putting in the effort required to meet them? Do your targets need to be higher? Could you be pushing yourself more? These are all things you should consider. It will help you evolve and develop your search into a successful process that works well for you.

Contact a recruitment agency

Try contacting a recruitment agency and speaking with a consultant that specialises in your field of work. Specialist consultants can give you detailed information about the market and provide you with great CV and interview advice. Not only this, but consultants have access to roles that may not be advertised on the open market.

Apply directly

If there is a company that you are particularly interested in working for then it might be worth dropping them an e-mail or giving them a quick call, even if they aren’t advertising. What is the worst that could happen? Many employers will likely be impressed by your forward thinking and bear you in mind for future roles.

Reward yourself

Searching for a job can be a frustrating and testing challenge. Although keeping on track and meeting targets are an important part in ensuring you are productive, it is essential to reward yourself too. Focusing all of your efforts in one direction can often lessen your productivity. Try taking a day off – it’ll boost your mood and you will return to you search refreshed and ready to go.

Jessica O’Donnell is a renowned author of all things career related. Currently working at frazerjohn.com, a Manchester based recruitment consultancy, Jess contributes to their blog on a regular basis offering great career tips and advice for those looking to move forward in their careers.


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