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Footballer Offers up tickets to the Unemployed

Heard about the Footballer who offered up football tickets to the Unemployed?

It’s often a little easy to be overly cynical of a generous Premiership footballer.

However, as this particular footballer, Steven Naismith has some good form, we are willing to support his latest venture of good will – especially as it has an employability / employment goal about it too.

You see it actually takes balls (see where we are going with the football puns?) for a footballer, even a mega rich one to be seen as charitable. More often than not, we all get a tad cynical and wonder if it’s done for a little good press!viral 98

So, after previously supporting homeless shelters and sponsoring his youth team club, what’s the kind-willed Naismith up to this time?

Well, Naismith, a now established Everton player, has given away a number of tickets for Everton homes games, for this coming season, over to Liverpool based Job Centres who each week will give away the tickets to selected job seekers who are trying hard to find employment.

As quoted on the BBC website, the midfielder explained:

“I am aware that there are many unemployed in Liverpool trying hard to find a job and who may not be able to afford a ticket…Every day I feel very fortunate for the opportunities and lifestyle my job as a footballer has afforded my family and me, and also to be in the position where I can help the community in some small way.”

Of course TheEmployable hopes to hear some worthy criteria has been applied for handing out said tickets – after all, it’s not that easy to find employment sometimes, and indeed easier for some than for others, but we reckon a pat on the back to Naismith is needed…and TheEmployable duly offers one up.


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