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Working for a Startup- The Advantages

handshakeThe advantages of working for a startup

When embarking upon a job search, the majority of folks plan to make well established, well known and well respected businesses the focus of their attention. Of course this is a tried and tested method and carries significant benefits.

  • Large companies will often have a number of vacancies at any one time
  • Having the name of a well respected business on your CV can give your a certain level of professional respectability
  • Large company jobs often come with good pay rates and appealing benefit packages
  • There is usually good opportunity for progression within the business and significant opportunity to improve your professional standing.

But have you ever considered that working within a startup can come with a level of benefits which matches, and even exceeds, those of larger established businesses?

We take a look at some of the reasons why working for a startup, could be a good fit.


The culture

Due to their size and exciting / fresh stage of development, many startups have a culture which is hugely different from that of their more corporate counterparts. Startups generally  have small teams, perhaps consisting of 5 – 10 members, with a particular focus on teamwork in pursuit of a common goal.

The freedom which comes from having a team of this size, also means that startups are often unhampered by the regulations and bureaucracy which can often create a stifling atmosphere within larger businesses.

You will often find that fledgling businesses nurture a sense of comradery, and the joint celebration of achievements.


Transpaviral 52rency and collaboration

Many startup founders claim, that the more transparent their business is, the more employees will feel invested in it, and the more likely they will be to go above and beyond in service to its goals.

Startups rely on the creative collaboration of their team, and for this to reach its full potential, employees must be kept as ‘in the loop’ as possible with the overall state of the business, its progress and any major threats / opportunities which arise.


You can put your mark on it

If you work for a company which employs 50,000 across the globe, chances are that your overall impact (beyond that of your immediate work environment) will be minor at best.

A business in its infancy gives employees the opportunity to play a key role in shaping its future, to ‘put their own stamp on it’ so to speak.


Your work will be recogniseddifferentiate-yourself-crop-300x221

If you are someone who thrives in an environment where their work is recognised and appreciated then working for a startup could be an excellent choice for you.

Whilst larger companies do, of course, attempt to make their employees feel appreciated, their ‘top down’ business structure often negates this.

In a startup, you’ll be working alongside the business founders and managers in a way which allows for greatly improved “employer – employee relations” include the expression of genuine gratitude for the work that you do.  This can greatly improve your job satisfaction and hopefully encourage you to continue working hard in a way which shows a genuine desire to help the businesses succeed, rather than your own desire to collect a paycheck.


Greater Responsibility

Owing again to the small size of the team, it is likely that you will be the only one within the business who has your particular skillset, and therefore you can be given  a level of responsibility which could take many years to achieve within a larger company.  You can essentially, become head of your own department.


Varied RoleSelection Criteria

Despite their small size, startups must carry out many of the functions expected of a much larger business and this creates potential for your to gain experience in areas of your industry which would otherwise have been closed to you.

Through this you have the opportunity to add a whole new range of strings to your bow and explore areas of your professional potential which might have otherwise remained untapped.


Career Potential

Whilst there is of course significantly less job security in a startup, there is also excellent opportunities for career progression within the businesses should it succeed.

By entering into a startup at an early stage, you can establish yourself as a fixture of its day-to-day operations, an indispensable part that is willing and ready to grow and develop alongside the business.


You can learn a lot

Being involved in an early stage business can can be an exhilarating and highly educational experience as you are faced with a range of issues, problems, and tasks which may rarely or never occur within a larger business.
This experience can give a boost to your problem solving abilities and shape you into a more pragmatic, determined and dedicated employee.


Hopefully you have found this post on the advantages of working for a startup useful!   Don’t forget to take a look at some of the other great job search advice.


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