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Linking car mechanic to car repair – We chat to Click Mechanic

Always keen to hear from innovative online platforms linking the ‘worker to the consumer’ we were delighted to make contact with Click Mechanic, an online site where you the consumer can find car mechanics, and in return car mechanics can find work – bingo!

Co-founder Andrew Jervis spoke to TheEmployable about their platform, the benefits for a mechanic to be registered on the site, and why over the last few years more employable folk are starting businesses full stop.

Click-MechanicHi there Andrew, cheers for agreeing to chat with The Employable. How would you describe your platform ClickMechanic to a first time visitor to the site?

ClickMechanic is taking the stress out of car repair. We allow customers to get real time quotes and book online using approved manufacturer repair times. To top it off we have a network of vetted and approved mobile mechanics so you know your car is in good hands.

And the benefits for a Mechanic to be listed on the site?

With having a brother who has been a mechanic for 20 years now I see first hand how talented he is when it comes to mechanicrepairing cars and how much he loves it. However I also see first hand perhaps some of the struggles he has with customer service, marketing as well as some other non mechanic things. What ClickMechanic does is allow mechanics to get on with what they are awesome at and thats fixing cars. We take care of the rest whether it be the marketing, customer service, getting bookings, payment processing and any thing else.

If any mechanics out there like the sound of this they should definitely register at our site.

You’ve started your own business – There’s more and more people starting their own businesses over the last few years, why do you think that is?

I think there is a few reasons. Obviously the recession of 2008 has had a huge impact. I remember in 2007 it was relatively easy for a graduate to walk into a relatively well paid graduate scheme. Fast forward 24 months and a lot of graduate programmes were closed and a lot of people were struggling to find jobs they wanted. At this point starting a business must differentiate-yourself-crop-300x221have been an attractive option for many people.

However aside from that starting a business is way more accessible compared to 10 or 20 years ago. Kids are starting online businesses in their bedrooms that can genuinely grow to be billion dollar companies. Just look at a certain Mr Zuckerberg. On top of this we’re also starting to see entrepreneurs be seen in a similar light to rock stars. Business is cool and being the founder of one can be the pinnacle of cool!

From your experience of starting Click Mechanic – what level of support is available to someone who is looking to launch a startup business?

There is so much out there. There are numerous incubators and accelerators in most major cities. Hundreds of meetup groups and events. The government has even pitched in with some huge tax breaks to encourage investment including SEIS and EIS. On top of this the start up business community is a very open one so its possible to get advice and support from other people on the same journey as your self.

In terms of starting and running your own business – what would you list as the three biggest benefits?

Its a very personal thing why people found their own business. Personally a big thing for me is about growing something innovative and disruptive with other awesome people without the corporate and political BS that can plague many big companies. I dislike games but I love getting excited about building and growing something new, novel and innovative which can genuinely improve peoples lives. On top of this the freedom to do things your way as well as the possibility of making some serious cash one day are also very appealing.

And what’s next for Click Mechanic?

More hard work, innovation, growth, and fun times!

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