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Grim and Ghastly Jobs for Halloween

Grim and Ghastly Jobs for Halloween Halloween 10

With Halloween looming, we here at TheEmployable thought it perfect a time to talk about some of the more ghoulish and scary jobs, that you’ll see cropping up around this time of year. Who knows, you may even be able to turn you hand to some and make a bit of seasonal cash. Without, hopefully, resorting to any of the following: vampirism, Exsanguination, decapitation, mummification, lycanthropy, chainsaw mastery, clown-college or ghost-busting/becoming a ghost.

Well…in the literal sense.

Professional Monster/Ghost/ghoul/scary thing; A popular one the world over, many larger locations have haunted houses, terror trails and the like. One of the many things that these frightful entrepreneurs need however, is people who are sadistic enough, to be a part of these events and legitimately scare guests. That’s the job

Halloween 30Ghost hunter/ Ghost Buster: It’s the time of year when all the scary films come out, the TV gets all scary too, and people start to believe they may have a supernatural guest in their home. True or not, enter the ghost hunter. Some teams legitimately take payment to investigate paranormal occurrences to either prove or disprove them. Great for the field of research. Others will also come in and basically put on a performance for a fee, but all in the name of good, wholesome family traumatising fun.

Ghost Tour Guide: Yeah, another ghost one, we figured we’d keep them close to each other. Basically, all those creepy buildings in your home town? The old legends and myths about them, for about 3-10 days a year, they are irrefutable fact, because tours of these locations will go up, as will the prominence (as will their believers, after all, a tour guide said it was true). Well, getting city permissions and charging a fee to walk beside you as you talk, isn’t a bad way to make some cash, especially if you’re lucky enough to have creepy stories and facts to back them up.

Facepainting / Monster Maker: Well, lots of people are going to want to dress up, may as well make some cash if you know how to paint faces or use some movie magic prosthetics.

Ghost Story Aficionado:Halloween 100 Offering Haunted House Goers, or even just hotel guests a fright for the spooky season, simply look stoic and have a good yarn about your place of employment.

Fortune Teller/Psychic life guide: There’s always some spiritualist, or fun time seeker who’ll come looking for this sort of thing. Dont be specific, be mysterious, aloof, and put nothing in concrete. You’ll do fine.

Pumpkin Artisan: This is pretty self explanatory, Jack O’Lanterns haven’t been as simple in the past few years, and people will pay a pretty penny for a particularly presentable pumpkin

Last but not least;

The Scary Store Greeter. Does exactly what it says on the tin. You be scary, and greet customers at the shop, perhaps give out coupons, or candy.

Bear in mind, this is far from an exhaustive list, we’d love to hear about your creepy Halloween job ideas! Email them to us: or post them on Facebook or Twitter!

Remember kids and adults alike; have a fun Halloween period, take care during any festivities, and remember to be careful of any treats you may get!


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