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7 Reasons Professional Women Profit from an MPA

Career women who should consider advancing their education to a Masters in Public Administration (MPA degree) are those who would love to work in the public sector in many different capacities. These are jobs that offer a lucrative position with excellent benefits and job security.

Women who hold an MPA degree, on average, earn around $20K more per year. In addition, more career options are available for those who are looking for more challenging positions, or are thinking about expanding their promotion opportunities.

An MPA degree offers career women some very interesting choices, such as:

1.  News Reporter/News Writer/ Data Analyst

Agencies that report the news are always on the lookout for people educated in public policies and programs sector to step in viral 40and give their perspective on political and foreign/national policy.  There is also the opportunity to step into a role as a news reporter, journalist or anchor.

2.  Governmental Sector:

That MPA degree can open doors into some intriguing positions that include City Director, Community Health Director, viral 39being on the Board of Directors for Education, Police Commissioner and much more.  The need for program organizers that understand community needs on both a financial and personal level are highly desired.

3.  State and Federal Positions:

Local governmental positions open up with an MPA degree that entail implementing, organizing, managing and supervising programs for the state and federal government.  Those positions can include working within the CIA, the Presidential Cabinet, the United Nations and many other exciting opportunities.

4.  Private Businesses:

For profit and non-profit businesses need people with MPA degrees because the skills they have acquired allow them to help companies develop new worthwhile programs that will impact the growth of the business. Some positions within this realm include CEO or COO, Director, President or Executive V.P. of a company or corporation.

5.  Public Relations:

PR advisors and consultants for media relations are highly sought and needed to mediate between the public and the company. This can include press releases, news conferences and working on PR campaigns in many sectors.

6.  Human Resources Director:

The human resources field has many job openings for a MPA degree.  Public administration work within governmental viral 37agencies, non-profits and private corporations is essential to success.  This position involves recruiting job candidates, organizing the benefits and compensation programs, and dealing with management and employee issues.

7.  Foreign Services

Foreign service officers find work extremely rewarding because their job is about promoting peace and prosperity within the interests of the U.S., throughout the world.  They travel to one of the 250 international consulates or embassies and deal withviral 15 business management, engineering, human resources, foreign affairs and offer other important services.

The field of Public Administration is wide open and anyone holding an MPA can find their niche in nearly every industry that they find interesting.  Whether it is small nonprofit organizations that need a liaison for public relations, all the way to the White House, the options are limitless for a woman who wants a stable and fascinating career.


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