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5 Really Unorthodox (yet successful) Ways to Land a Job

So, there’s no denying how difficult it is to land a job these days, and it seems to only be getting harder. What’s a creative unemployed statistic to do? Just that. Get Creative.

I’ve taken a look at a few of the more unusual and clever ways that people have landed jobs, and figured, this would be the place to share them! So without further ado, let’s jump in.

5. Clever Marketing campaigns.

From hanging out in the London tube stations with your CV and a placard, to investing in a billboard over a busy main road. The fundamentals of job hunting haven’t changed; they’re just taken to strange new platforms. That’s not always a bad thing. These clever ideas gain traction for your promotional ability, move ideas faster and promote a creative task & risk undertaking persona for yourself. Basically, It shows you want it, and it shows you have big ideas on how to make it happen. (Let’s face it, we all love a maverick risk taker who doesn’t play by the rules – just keep it legal).

4. Channel your inner Scooby and the gang.

Why should the employer hire you? How would they even know you exist? Why should they care?

One idea that’s been commonly used, is solving a problem for a company and approaching them. This isn’t as simple as realising they have some SEO issues and pestering them via email. That’s just annoying. Finding a security fault in Why Recruiters Don't Call Youtheir site, (or several) is usually enough to merit some time with a department head at least! Find out how someone’s been stealing from the company, might merit time with security or even accounting. Just be careful of the whole “Moral Hacking” bit, plenty of companies hate having their weaknesses publicised, and even less appreciate you trying to profit from it, some may even take your advice, fix it and leave you high and dry on a good day. Pick your method carefully.

3. Abuse the benefits of Social Media.

This DOES NOT mean to hassle people online. Quite the contrary, it means get enough of a bus behind you or your page/idea. Then start targeting the correct people, a fan page dedicated to getting you a job at a company or a clever viral video can always prove valuable to a company. It’s good PR, good advertising and shows that they’re a modern company that agrees with its customer base. This is a tad less likely as most companies are wary of falsehoods and scams from social media, so ensuring there’s legitimate buzz is the key. Be pro-active on the find-jobpromotion. Do several videos, take many pictures. You’re selling yourself. Sell yourself right!

2. Networking.

“Not unorthodox” I hear you cry? Usually no, but meeting someone at a rather niche event can have all the difference. Massive events all over the world, be they business related or incredibly nerdy ventures, attract employers from all walks of life. From tag teaming at a video game convention to volunteering at a hospital, you do not know where or when you’ll meet someone. Opportunities do not care about your assumptions, you need to actively seek them, and even keep your ear to the ground with the right people even when doing something you love.

1. Dedicate an inordinate amount of time to your hobby in the hopes that the dream company you want to work for notices you.

That’s a long one, but basically sums it up. Lots of people, particularly freelancers and software developers of any kind (in fact, anyone with a portfolio) have to sell their products as well as themselves. So one thing to do here is have a fixed target and figure out exactly what they want/need from one of your products and do that! One gentleman landed himself a video game development role, simply because he dedicated hundreds of hours to a video game modification that was soon brought to the attention of the original games creators.  That’s commitment and that’s something employers want to see!


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