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Twitter Hashtags to Use in Your Job Search

Do you use social media in your job search?  Hashtag 2

You really should! There are loads of ways that Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the like, can be very useful in, not only flagging up potential job opportunities, but also improving your interview techniques, CV and application forms.

Indeed, there’s a whole army of experts out there providing outstanding advice on all manner of subjects related to employment and finding a job. One of the main ways that they share this information with the world is through popular social media channels.

Here at TheEmployable, we find such routes invaluable in ensuring that the work we do has the opportunity to benefit as many people as possible (follow us on Twitter here, like us on Facebook here).

To this end we, and many organisations like us, will engage hashtags as a way of helping to group together the information that we share with social media communities. This is particularly important when it comes to Twitter.

The volume of information being shared on Twitter each moment is so large that individual tweets become somewhat transitory;  they are here one moment and gone the next.

Therefore, if you haven’t been patiently waiting for the information you need to come along, then you could miss out on some really useful advice.

Never fear though, since effective use of hashtags will reveal information which has been shared in the past and could be invaluable to you in your job search.  They will also help you to discover some really useful Twitter accounts who regularly share high quality material which is relevant to your particular needs.

These are some of the ones that we, and other organisations use on a regular basis- click on them to see the most recent material that has been shared!

Twitter Hashtags to use in Your Job SearchTwitter Birds










Don’t expect that all the information you discover when using these hashtags will be high quality and 100% relevant, you will still need to do a little bit of sifting through to find the best tips and advice; but they do make the process a whole lot easier.


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