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10 jobs that will not exist in 10 years’ time

Over time, certain jobs have become rarefied to the point of being non-existent. 60 years ago, there were tens of thousands of switchboard operators in the UK, now there are very few. As technology progresses, jobs that used to be in demand get slowly consolidated until they basically no longer exist. With the rise of the internet and computerisation, this is happening at an even faster pace than in decades past. These 10 jobs,which will not exist in 10 years’ time, have been on the decline for some time now, and the rate of contraction will only grow in the next decade.

1. Travel Agent – With the rise in popularity of booking travel plans online for a lower price than a customer could normally get with a travel agent, this industry will see a massive loss in jobs.

2. Press Operators – Machine press operators are the human element in a process that is becoming more automated by the day. Eliminating the human operating any sort of press is a logical step that can save factories millions in expenses every year.

3. General Sewing Machine Operators – Sewing machines in textile companies are on their way out. Automation can create a perfect stitch every time, at a much higher rate of speed, and for far less than a company would be paying a human to do it. Specialised sewers may still exist, but even they will be few and far between.

4. Encyclopedia Writers – Like a lot of printed materials, the Internet and e-readers have dominated the publishing market because they can disperse knowledge for a fraction of the price of traditional printing. Encyclopedias are at an blogaholiceven greater danger because they a static once they are printed, and can cost a substantial amount of money, compared to online encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia, which are free.

5. Semiconductor Assembler – New semi-conductors are beyond microscopically small, so small that humans really cannot interact with them effectively. These tiny processors are becoming the go-to choice for electronics manufacturers and researchers, meaning the human element in their production will virtually be eliminated.

6. Meter Reader – Gone are the days that someone comes up to your meter to read it for the utility company. Now, almost everything is done electronically, and within 10 years just about every last home and business in the UK will be equipped with an automatic meter.

7. Film Rental Cashier – Rental kiosks and online streaming services will make this job extinct sooner rather than later.

8. Print Directory Salesperson – With the rise of the Internet, and the ability to see reviews from recent visitors, print directories are going to become obsolete, leading to the sales staff being forced to look for a different job.

9. Major Supermarket Cashier – Already, self-serve checkout counters exist in nearly every large supermarket chain. These counters only require around 15% of the people to watch them as compared to traditional checkout queues.

10. VCR Repair Engineer – VCRs still exist primarily because old home movies are saved to VHS tapes. As these tapes degrade, or are converted to a digital format, there will be no more use for someone who can only repair VCRs.job-seeking

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This article has been composed by Attic Recruitment – Founded by Kirsty Miall and Sarah Culshaw in 2002. Attic is a boutique recruitment consultancy specialising in the PA and Secretarial recruitment on a temporary and permanent basis.



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