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What Could Be Holding You Back From Employment?

Now that the worst of the recession is behind us, you may be wondering why you’re still struggling to find employment. It could all just be location and bad luck, but all of us have elements about our employability that we could work on. Here are some interviewing sins that you should try to avoid, in order to find yourself a new job…

You Need To Network More

Make sure that you have a professional online presence, whether that’s on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Don’t mix your professional social media channels with your personal; have platforms where you purely network with your business Presenting the numbersconnections. This is the easiest way to hear about new opportunities or ask around for job positions. Gather friends in the career fields that you want to work in, and post that you are looking for employment.

You Need To Work On Your Presentation

In a job interview, you have a very small amount of time to make a lasting impression. Obviously, first impressions are going to be the most important, and the way you look will make up a lot of this. Be sure to arrive in clean, presentable attire (preferably a suit combination of some kind), and to come across in a bright, upbeat, friendly manner. Don’t annoy your interviewers with rudeness or a lack of punctuality. In a recent survey, run by Orega.com, it shows that rudeness is one of the biggest bug-bears in UK offices.

You Don’t Self-Promote Enough

Although massive egoists who never stop talking about themselves can be irritating, behaviour from the opposite end of the spectrum can also hold you back. If you think that broadcasting yourviral 12 achievements is unprofessional, how else will anyone know how great you are? Be sure to mention and discuss some of the great things you have done in the past.

You Haven’t Followed The Instructions Correctly

Usually, advertised job positions come with instructions for application. Even if you are spam-applying to many jobs at once, be sure to read the requirements, the qualifications needed, and any other instructions detailed in the description. Not following the specific instructions can cost you the job.

Your Resume Isn’t What Employers Are Looking For

You’ll be surprised at what prospective employers raise as red flags, from your email address of choice, to a year spent chilling at home. Not everyone can be highly literary, but almost cv..everyone has a friend who is good at English. Be sure to get your CV proofread before you send it out; typos can be disconcerting and diminish your professional appearance.

You Avoid The Question

During your interview, it’s best to give direct questions direct answers. If asked for your weakness, be honest, but selective. Don’t choose a weakness that would impact your job massively, but saying something like “public speaking” is entirely legitimate for a role that doesn’t require public speaking. All weaknesses can be worked on, and your interviewer will just be hoping that you give a proper response, rather than “I am too organised” or “too addicted to work”.


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