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Five Office Skills to Demonstrate your Employability

Buzzwords such as ‘team-player’ and ‘disciplined’ can look good on a personal statement, but these won’t separate you from the herd when seeking employment.

Here we offer five genuinely desirable office skills which can help potential employers see your true value, increasing the chance you’ll be offered new roles and responsibilities in the office.

Analytical Mind

Google is the Western world’s most powerful marketing tool, so possessing the analytical mind to effectively utilise its potential is a major feather in any professional’s cap. Smaller companies may not be able to afford to employ a full time professional or agency to concentrate their efforts on improving their performance in organic and paid-for search results from Google so a member of the office with these skills could be rewarded.

Understanding Google Analytics, and being able to use the data, can help employees develop a successful search marketing campaign – significantly benefitting the company.

Social Maestro

Loosely connected to search marketing, social media management is an increasingly important part of branding and marketing – even for smaller companies. The abilities to continuously manage socialnetworkingthe brand’s image and interact with the audience in a helpful and charming manner are the hallmarks of a good social media manager.

Tools such as TweetDeck make it easier for an up-and-coming social media manager to observe and react to all social media interaction.

An understanding and appreciation of memes and online trends can also contribute to the repertoire of a successful social media manager. Memes and hashtags are two of the most effective, time-tested methods to gain new followers, friends and likes in online media.


Savvy Shopper

Showing a little intuition and proposing changing the company’s expenditure which result in lower overheads without affecting performance could endear the management to an employee/potential employee. Using comparison tools such as U Switch and Rapid Parcel can help a company shop windowsignificantly cut their most common and resource-draining overheads.


Future Proof

Demonstrating an ability to stay abreast of technological advances and developments could help you win favour with potential/current employers. Utilising industry relevant applications and programs demonstrates a willingness to get involved with the operations side of the business and a keen eye Makeup for menfor developments.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest technological advances and trends such as 3D printing could benefit the business in the short and long-term.


Green Credentials

Whether they like it or not, many office managers are pressured by HR teams and upper management types to incorporate energy-conscious and environmentally-friendly measures into the daily operations of the office. A little research into methods to promote an environmentally-friendly office space could appeal to an office manager who would prefer one of the team to take responsibility for the energy-reduction tasks.

The Carbon Trust offers this starter guide for a few pointers to help you impress an employee with your green credentials during an interview.


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