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Hired.com Puts Candidates in Control

Searching for a job online can be fraught with tedium. That’s why we keep our ears to the ground to bring you all the news of exciting happenings that could potentially make the whole process easier and more interesting.

Have you heard of Hired.com?

It’s a rather innovative new platform that’s all about finding talented people the well-paid positions they want. Calling itself ‘the marketplace for recruiting startup and tech talent’, it makes the bold statement “10 Minutes Could Get You 10 Job Offers from Top Tech Companies”.

What’s interesting about Hired.com is not this somewhat audacious claim, but that its operating model is significantly different from most of the other online job boards available.

By its own estimation it is the world’s first two-sided marketplace designed specifically for engineers, data scientists, designers, and product managers who find themselves in the enviable position of being overwhelmed with job opportunities.  As happy as one can be about being spoilt for employment choice, such a state of affairs does create some challenges that need to be dealt with; and this is where Hired.com comes in.

“We believe recruiting should be transparent, unbiased, and that the talent should be in control. Our one-week process provides people with upfront offers from vetted and funded companies, a dedicated talent advocate, and a $2,000 signing bonus”

What happens, in a nutshell is this; someone who wants to work within startups and / or technology applies to be accepted as a potential candidate on the hired.com database.job search

Once they have been approved their profile and credentials are made visible to selected companies for one week. These companies then have the opportunity to make an offer to the candidate, who retains total control over whom they decide to work for. If you manage to find employment through Hired.com, they will also give you a bonus of $2,000…we’re not exactly sure why, but as the old saying goes ‘never look a gift horse in the mouth’!

Formerly known as DeveloperAuction.com, Hired was borne out of frustrations with the traditional recruitment model, which places all of the power in the hands of recruiters and is often a costly and time consuming affair for all involved. The newly developed system aims to give candidates a convenient way to gain an appraisal of their worth in the market place, and secure a position which is as close a match as possible to their particular needs.

It’s a very intriguing notion, and one which we are very keen to hear your opinion on!

Would you like to see this sort of model being implemented within other industries as well?  Comment below to tell us what you think!

For more information pop over to their website (and try not to be put off by their hideously cheesy ‘About the Team’ page).


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