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6 things to do to keep your boss happy

6 things to do to keep your boss happy

Ever wanted to keep your boss on-side (and keep on their good side)? We’ve put together 6 quick ideas on how you can keep your boss happy.

Reply to emails

Sounds pretty simple and quite obvious, but amazingly emails from bosses to staff are often not replied to, and on the odd occasion not read. Make sure you do the above unless it’s pretty obvious that you don’t need to.


Again it sounds pretty simple, but it will help if you listen to instruction and also listen for signs that things need to be done or achieved. If you don’t listen, your boss will not appreciate it when you ask obvious questions or ask for reassurance when he or she has already outlined all the information you would need to achieve your tasks.

Help him reach his / her targets Job Hunter

Your boss will (undoubtedly like you) have targets and expectations set from above. Of course no need to do their work for them, but a well oiled ship of an office / business will understand that a happy and on target boss, also generally means a happy and on target workforce.

Don’t use their holiday as a chance for a break

Enough said really but don’t use your boss’s holiday as a time to take the foot off the pedal in terms of your own work duties. You generally get caught out anyway or reported on by other employees not happy with your behaviour. After all, a post holiday boss, who is perhaps not delighted to be back at work, will not be too delighted if work has been an afterthought for team members during the manager-less break too.

Take responsibilityCollaboration

Don’t take the easy way out. If you have specific job duties and responsibilities make sure you achieve more than the minimum and aim to always go above and beyond. Also, even if something isn’t your responsibility and you can see it needs doing, if appropriate, ask if you can help. Offering to help is often as good as doing the work itself.

Represent well

Keeping the image of your department / office / business up to scratch is key to how happy your boss may be both during their holiday and afterwards. Therefore you should always make sure that when you’re on public duties you always try your best to perform and put on a good company face.

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