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Songs for the Self Employed and Freelancer!

A couple of months ago we wrote a couple of rather ‘tongue in cheek’ posts to keep all you job seeking and interview attending folk motivated. After all – job seeking and job interviewing can be a rather unmotivated experience at times – so we thought our lists on ‘Movies to get you motivated before a Job Interview’ and our ‘Job-seeking Soundtrack, ‘Now that’s what I call Jobseeking’ would hopefully give you a little inspiration and light humour when it’s most needed.

However what about he Self Employed folk that we aim to cater for via TheEmployable?

Well if Self Employment  / Freelancing is your thing, perhaps our list of songs might keep you going if business is a little slow and the loneliness of working for yourself is kicking in (albeit only briefly)!

A Design for Life – Manic Street Preachers (A timely reminder that self employment is a career you designed for yourself!)Happy 1000

On Top Of The World – Imagine Dragons (A song which it seems accompanies many a TV advert – sometimes you need to get back into a happy place and this song might just help)!

Hello (is it me you’re looking for) –  Lionel Richie (When you work for yourself, you’ve got to do all the sales you can in order to get that business going and money coming in)!

America – Simon & Garfunkel (Dreaming and Dreaming big – but not in an overly commercial way. Who can doubt that listening to this song can make you feel you that little bit more creative)!

Chasing Rainbows – Shed Seven (“I’m just chasing Rainbows all the time” – Often when working for yourself / freelancer, it must seem that you are forever chasing – chasing cash, chasing that next big job….)

Stay Awake – Mary Poppins /Julie Andrews (At some point you do actually need to put down tools and go to sleep and if you use this song, perhaps the same reverse psychology that is applied in said Mary Poppins Film will help you switch off and rest up)!

Money (That’s What I Want) – The Beatles version (And finally and as every Self Employed / Freelancer knows – once the work has been agreed and potentially even complete – it’s MONEY, money that we want)!


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