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Jokes and Joking about Jobs, Job-Seeking and unemployment

Regular readers will no doubt be aware that we’ve recently been trying to add a little light humour to the whole business of JobSeeking, Employment, and even Unemployment.

With articles such as ‘Movies to get you motivated before a Job Interview’ Songs for the Self Employed and our ‘Job-seeking Soundtrack, we hope you agree that TheEmployable is more than just a handy resource and information point for all things employability, employment, career and self employment – it’s a place for a little light relief too!

So this week, we thought it wise to share some of the funniest images, memes and jokes that we’ve seen about Jobs, Job-Seeking and Unemployment, and to make life easy, add them all into the gallery below. So, take 5 minutes and enjoy (and perhaps squirm a little too)!

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