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What the UCAS Hogwarts Harry Potter letter might mean for you

Last week TheEmployable team watched with awe as a UCAS rejection letter did the rounds on Twitter and then the mainstream media.

The letter, was an apparent rejection letter to an A-Level student who allegedly had applied to go to Hogwarts University after their A-Levels results – you can see the funny response letter at the bottom…

The UCAS Chief Exec then got involved (most probably in a clever double bluff) to confirm that the application and subsequent UCAS letter were indeed real.

We will leave you to make your own mind up – but in terms of what the UCAS Hogwarts Harry Potter themed letter might mean for you, it highlights the growing ability for everyday folk / jobseekers/ small business owners, to make an immediate, clever and potentially viral campaign to be noticed.

To that end, and bearing in mind TheEmployable is all about employability, careers and self employment (in no particular order), we reckon you should take 5 mins out to read over these previous posts. In them, we’ve highlighted a few clever folk who have used social media and marketing to make a real impression and major difference to their job search, career and career prospects.

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